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How to Make a Loop Yarn Baby Blanket

After my first post and video on how to make a loop yarn blanket, I’ve had lots of questions.  Rather than answer them all in writing, I decided to make a new video.  Naturally I needed to demonstrate on a new project, so I’m going to be teaching you how to make a loop yarn baby blanket this time.  Now someone I know needs to have a baby girl so I can give it to them!

How to Make a Loop Yarn Baby Blanket(This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

To make a loop yarn baby blanket, you’ll need:

How to Make a Loop Yarn Baby Blanket

The video will show you step by step how to use loop yarn to make this border.  I think it really adds something extra without over-complicating things.  It’s the same border I used on my first loop yarn blanket.

loop yarn blanket border

I’ll also show you a different way to change skeins when using loop yarn.  In the previous video tutorial, I had you snip open some of the loops to leave a tail.  After lots of use, the tails snuck back out of my original blanket.  This new way is a much smoother transition with no yarn tails to poke out.

how to use loop yarn

Here’s the video for you to watch.  I still recommend watching the first video if you haven’t already.  If you are using an ad blocker, you may need to disable it to view this video.

To figure out how many loops across, I needed to start with I took the width I wanted (40 inches) x 1.3 = about 50 loops. I really hope that made sense.  I think you should be able to use that for any size blanket you want to make.

How to Make a Loop Yarn Baby Blanket

After making a loop yarn baby blanket, I’m really itching to make more.  It really was enjoyable sitting and stitching the loops together, and the baby size was very easy to manage.

How to Make a Loop Yarn Baby Blanket

Take a look at these other homemade blanket tutorials and baby crafts for more great ideas!  Teens can make these too.  Check out my other fun tween and teen craft ideas!

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Saturday 18th of June 2022

Love this!

Susan Clayton

Sunday 20th of March 2022

I have a question: how to I hide a loop that I missed? I have a couple that I noticed well after a few rows later and I wasn't going to unravel what I did. You can reach me by e-mail. The blanket turned out beautiful. Great tutorial.

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

I just weave them into the back of the blanket like I did with the end piece. They seem to stay in place pretty well when I do that.

Joanne Shook

Tuesday 16th of November 2021

You did a great job! Easy to follow! Thank you for sharing!

Sharon Churchill-Browne

Saturday 13th of November 2021

This is fantastic! Just did for new granddaughter and am so pleased with this pattern.


Tuesday 12th of October 2021

cute! I’ll definitely try this! what can I do with one skein of this loopy yarn?

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

Hmmm... one skein might be kind of small. Maybe like a doll blanket? Haha. You can make a scarf with two skeins.

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