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Bloom Hand Embroidery Pattern

With the great weather we have been having, I was inspired to stitch up something pretty for spring.  I don’t know what it is about hand embroidery, but I love it so much!  I’ve got a free hand embroidery pattern for you today, and throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be recording a video stitch-along to show you each of the stitches.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss it!  Scroll to the bottom of this post or click here to see all of the videos that have been published.  If you need help with any of the stitches, I also have video guides on my embroidery stitches guide page.

"Bloom" Hand Embroidery Pattern

It all started with these pretty flowers that I just had to try.  They stitched up so beautifully, and they are a lot easier than they look.  They are made using a woven wheel stitch, with a french knot in the middle.  I’m not really sure what kind of flowers that makes them, but I love the way they turned out.

"Bloom" Hand Embroidery Pattern

Stitching the words like this was a first for me as well.  Again, super easy though.  All I did was outline each letter in a back stitch and then filled them in using a back stitch as well.

"Bloom" Hand Embroidery Pattern

The large leaves were done in a fishbone stitch, and the small leaves are lazy daisy stitch.

"Bloom" Hand Embroidery Pattern

I used a seven inch hoop and stitched it on natural linen fabric.  I was a dummy and wound my floss on new spools before labeling them, so I only know some of the colors that I used: DMC 335, 3779, 501, 368, and 3799. That should just leave you needing a light orange and yellow I think.

"Bloom" Hand Embroidery Pattern

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"Bloom" Hand Embroidery Pattern

I’m so happy with how this hoop turned out, and I really enjoyed relaxing with some hand embroidery.

"Bloom" Hand Embroidery Pattern

I’m thinking my craft room might need a whole wall of embroidery hoops, so I’ll have an excuse to make more.  What do you think?  Make sure to check out my other hand embroidery designs.  I’ve got lots of free embroidery patterns!

Here is the first video for the stitch-along.  Click here to watch the rest on YouTube.

Learn the best way to back your embroidery hoop with felt!

Get this free Unicorn Embroidery Pattern!

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Tuesday 4th of January 2022

How many times I gotta subscribe for free pattern :) I'm keeping subscribe but I never see the link for pattern.

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Thursday 13th of January 2022

You should have gotten an email with a link to the download page. That link never changes. I will be simplifying the process soon. Until then, if you can't find the link, send me an email.


Monday 26th of April 2021

Hi, I was wondering what order I embroidery this pretty wreath? Do I do everything in the order of your videos: the Woven Wheel roses, the French Knots, Fishbone Leaves etc.? Or does it not matter?

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Tuesday 4th of May 2021

It doesn't really matter, but I usually try to show the videos in the order I chose to stitch them. I like to do the flowers before stems. That way, if my flower ends up a little smaller than I was planning, I can make my stem a little longer to compensate.


Friday 15th of May 2020

You are nowhere giving the embroidery pattern/outline to download. you are just showing designs. very disappointing

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Friday 29th of May 2020

You subscribe to my emails, and you'll get a link to the free downloads emailed to you.


Saturday 25th of January 2020

This is a beautiful pattern & your videos were so helpful! I just finished the wreath portion & am waiting for my great niece to be born so I can put her first initial or name (if it's short!) in the middle. I have been using your videos and patterns since the fall to learn embroidery. I'm having a ball! Thank you so much!


Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

I just finished a wreath based off this! It was the first one I had attempted and it helped so much having your instructions and pictures to help me. Thankyou!!!


Monday 11th of May 2020

Wow! The words looked so complicated to do but they were so easy!! This pattern turned out great for me! I'm thinking of doing your "Choose to believe" pattern next. I have been following your blog since I started embroidery. Thank you so much!!

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