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Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

Today I have a pretty unicorn embroidery pattern to share with you.  She has a floral wreath and multi-colored hair that was so fun to stitch.  Since my “Bloom” embroidery stitch-along did so well, I decided I will be filming another one for this pattern.  This pattern is a  little more complicated than the “Bloom” hoop, but still doable.  If you are beginner, I do recommend trying the “Bloom” hoop first though.  Go here to see step-by-step video instructions to stitch this hoop.

Free Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern!(This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.)

To stitch this floral unicorn embroidery pattern you’ll need:

  • Free pattern (instructions to download are at the bottom of this post)
  • 6 inch embroidery hoop
  • white linen fabric
  • DMC embroidery floss – DMC 4215, 3078, 3755, 340, 554, 645, 3609, 826, and 368.
  • carbon paper (I also like to use the gray pen out of this pack to transfer parts that I know will be covered.  Iron to make it disappear.)
  • felt for backing (optional)

Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

I really love the color-changing thread that I used for the unicorn’s hair.  It was so fun to stitch and see what color was going to come next.  I got really excited every time it changed to dark blue.  Haha!  Make sure to use small stitches to get around those curves.  All parts of the unicorn are done with a split stitch except for the lines on the horn.

Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

I matched some colors from the color-changing thread to make the flowers.  I used woven wheel and satin stitches for those, along with french knots (my favorite).  The larger leaves are fishbone stitches, and the smaller ones are a satin stitch.

Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

I really love how this unicorn embroidery pattern turned out, and I hope you enjoy it too.  Go here to see how to back your embroidery hoop with felt.

Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

See the first video in my stitch-along below, or click here to see the entire playlist on YouTube.

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Wednesday 28th of February 2024

merci beaucoup, ma petite fille va être ravie par cette broderie


Saturday 27th of November 2021

Thanks, a lot this helped me create a gift for my sister who loves unicorns.


Monday 6th of September 2021

I subscribed but the link to the exclusive patterns isn't working, says site cannot be reached. Please advise

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Send me an email at

Cheryl Bu

Wednesday 15th of May 2019

Hi! Thanks for the cute pattern! I purchased all the same colors of floss as you used. I noticed that the floss for the unicorn hair is different in that there are only 2 strands. Am I supposed to separate the strands and then insert into the needle? Or do I just thread the needle with both strands intertwined together? Having them intertwined together seems really thick and I'm having difficulty getting through the fabric. Just wondering if I should keep going. Thanks!

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Wednesday 15th of May 2019

Ooh, that doesn't seem right. The floss I used for the hair was just regular embroidery floss. I wonder if I made a mistake or if DMC changed something.


Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

I have been looking for the free pattern for the Unicorn and I can not seem to find it .... I love this design and I want to put it on a tee shirt for my Granddaughter.. Can You help me ??

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Saturday 6th of April 2019

Did you sign up for my newsletter? Once you do that, you'll get a link to my download page. If you need help, send me an email at, and I'll make sure you get it figured out. :)

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