Embroidery Hoop Patterns

First things first, here are the free embroidery patterns for the hoops that I made (to read more about them click here).  If you use them, I would appreciate if you would click here subscribe or follow my blog in some way.  By downloading them, you agree that you will not use them to create items to sell or redistribute them in any way.  The larger ones will need to be printed as a “poster” and taped together.  The size of each hoop is noted on the pattern.  If you find that something is wrong, please let me know!

I didn’t take any photos of the process, but I thought I would show you some larger photos of the final project so you can replicate them.  For all of the appliques, I ironed fusible webbing to the fabric, cut them out, peeled off the paper backing, and ironed them onto the linen.  Standard applique process.  To transfer the embroidery designs, I like to use dressmaker’s carbon paper.  Just spritz with water when you are done and it should disappear. The background fabric is 100% linen.

There you go!  Let me know if you have any questions.  I am always happy to help!

And I’m thinkin’ you might also like this tooth fairy bag post with some more free patterns!

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29 Responses to Embroidery Hoop Patterns

  1. These are simply gorgeous! Now following your blog, pinterest board and Fb page with pleasure. Thank you for sharing x

  2. I love thel ittle girls. I can’t figure out what size hoop you use, or does it matter.
    You have found a new follower today. Looking forward to seeing more. I found you on pinest.
    Pat McDonough

    • Not a stupid question at all. Do you mean the edges of the appliqued fabric pieces? I ironed a fusible webbing called Wonder Under (pellon 805) onto the back of the fabric before I cut it out. You peel off the paper and then iron the fabric onto your project.

        • You will love it! Youtube videos have been the best for me to learn different kinds of stitches. Good luck!

  3. Your work is so wonderful! It must bring you great joy.

    Could you tell me what kind of thread you used and how many strands to do the red hair? I’m just starting to embroider. The thread seems pretty glossy for regular DMC thread.

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