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How to Applique By Hand

Since a lot of my projects include Appliqués, I thought I’d make a quick video to show you how to applique by hand.  The word makes it sound so scary, bit it’s really very easy when you do it this way.  You can make so many things with appliqué, from embroidery hoops to cute t-shirts.  I just love the personal touch that an appliqué adds!  If you find this post useful, make sure to take a look at my How to Embroider for Beginners series.

How to Applique By Hand(This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.)

To appliqué using this method, you’ll need:

Watch my “How to Applique By Hand” video below or head over to YouTube to watch it there.  Hope you find it useful.  Remember that whatever pattern you trace will be reversed when you cut it out since you iron the interfacing on the back.  Hope that makes sense.  Let me know if you have any questions about the process.

If you are looking for the fairy tale embroidery patterns in the video, you can find those here.  Also check out my other hand embroidery designs for more inspiration.

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Katy Robbins

Thursday 12th of August 2021

I absolutely LOVE this blog!! So helpful! Thank you!

Sharon Lee

Monday 25th of January 2021

I just bought the Home PDF Hand Embroidery Pattern. After reading a review indicating that the instructions for "the use of the adhesive backing and pattern tracing" was vague, I was hesitant to buy the pattern. I am very glad to have proceeded to buy! Although I have not started on the project, I have read through your instructions and found that the instructions are detailed very clearly and in no way vague. I appreciate very much the detailed instructions for the applique and the basic embroidery. Thank you!

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Thursday 28th of January 2021

Oh thank you! I read that review and was thinking, "That's why I include a link to a video!" Haha! Glad you still bought it and didn't think the instructions were vague.


Wednesday 10th of April 2019

Do you iron directly onto your main piece of linen for your embroidery project? I'm trying this for the first time and I'm not sure if the applique will get messed up when I iron onto the fabric and then stretch it when putting onto a hoop.

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Wednesday 17th of April 2019

Yes, I just applique onto my main piece of linen and put it in the hoop. Haven't had any problems. Make sure if you are using a water soluble marking pen/pencil that you don't iron over it. Put any embroidery marking on after ironing the applique if you can.


Monday 26th of February 2018

I love this blog! Thanks for explaining the appliqué process. I will definitely try it.

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Monday 26th of February 2018

Oh, thank you so much Pam! It's so easy to do!


Monday 26th of February 2018

Thank you for making this so clear. I appreciate you telling us exactly what you use & why.

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Monday 26th of February 2018

Thanks Barbara! Glad you found it helpful!

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