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Blue Floral Embroidery Pattern

I wanted to try hand embroidery on some dark blue fabric, so I went out and got some blue linen to experiment with.  The result was this pretty little floral embroidery pattern with woven wheel flowers (my favorite).  I also wanted to test out using color variations floss for the flowers, and I am so happy with the outcome!  This is a pretty easy one to stitch up, and it gave me lots of practice with my fishbone stitch.  Anyone else have trouble with that one?  I’ll get it down one of these days.  Still looks good though, so I guess it doesn’t matter.  If you need help with any of the stitches, I have video guides on my embroidery stitches guide page.

Free Blue Floral Embroidery Pattern

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To stitch this floral embroidery pattern, you’ll need:

  • Free floral embroidery pattern. (Fill out the form at the end of this post to get it.)
  • 6-inch embroidery hoop
  • dark blue 100% linen fabric
  • Embroidery Floss – DMC 48, 67, 989, and 987
  • white carbon paper
Blue Floral Embroidery Pattern

When transferring onto dark fabrics, you’ll need to use white carbon paper.  All you do is place the carbon paper over the fabric, place the pattern on top of that, and trace the pattern firmly with a pencil.  The design will transfer onto your fabric.

Embroidery Pattern Trace Dark Fabric

This entire hoop is made with only four colors.  I absolutely love how using different parts of the color variations thread produced different styles of flowers.  I think my favorite is the pink one that started light in the middle and faded to darker pink.

Woven wheel flowers with color variations floss.

I labeled the small leaves as a satin stitch, but they are somewhere between a satin stitch and a fishbone stitch.  I wasn’t really sure what to call them.  You start out just like you are doing a fishbone stitch, but the first stitch from the top is really long.  It should come down almost to the base of the leaf.  You come in from each side, like a fishbone stitch, but you bring the needle down in the same hole a few times at the base.  If that doesn’t make sense, watch this video on my YouTube channel.

Blue Floral Embroidery Hoop

I’m planning on displaying all of my hoops on a wall in my craft room, and this one will make a really cute addition.

Blue Floral Embroidery Pattern

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Sunday 14th of August 2022

Can’t wait to get started! Thank you for putting this up for free!


Thursday 14th of October 2021

So beautiful, can't wait to try it !


Thursday 4th of February 2021

Looking forward to trying this one! :)


Saturday 17th of October 2020

So pretty and cute! Can't wait to try it!


Tuesday 30th of June 2020

This looks beautiful! What colors of floss did you use?

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