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Spring Bee Embroidery Pattern

It’s starting to feel like spring here already, so I was inspired to stitch with some bright colors on this spring bee embroidery pattern. To offset the bright colors, I chose a more natural-colored fabric for the background, and I really love how it looks together. I almost added a small word “spring” between the red flower and stem on the right, but decided against it this time. The bee kinda made it seem like it didn’t need extra.

Spring Bee Embroidery Pattern

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To make this spring bee embroidery pattern, you’ll need:

Free flower embroidery pattern.  Spring embroidery pattern.

My favorite part is the little bee. The stitches on his back are labeled as a satin stitch, but I varied the length of them to give him a textured look.

Free bee embroidery pattern.

I wasn’t sure how to differentiate between petals on the red flowers, so I opted to just do the stitches on the bottom petals in a different direction. Alternately, you could choose a slightly darker shade of thread for those petals. I kind of like the texture this adds though.

Free floral embroidery pattern for spring.

The leaves are also labeled a satin stitch, but I did them like the ones in my floral baby embroidery pattern. You can see a video on how to make them here.

Free bee hand embroidery pattern.

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Free Spring Bee Embroidery Pattern

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