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Red Flowers Embroidery Design

You know how much I love a good flower embroidery pattern.  When I sketched this flowers embroidery design, I knew I wanted to try something different.  Usually, I’m more into the pinks and reds, but I thought I’d try some warmer, vivid colors in this one.  Of course, you can customize it to use any colors you want.

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To make the red flowers embroidery design, you’ll need:

Red Flowers Embroidery Design

I had a lot of fun making the big, woven wheel around the French knots.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to try.  It was a bit tricky, since I wasn’t starting in the middle, but just make sure to make the French Knots first.  Also be sure you don’t pull too tight, and guide the floss around the circle.

Free Flower Embroidery Pattern

I also had some fun trying out shading with the long and short stitch.  The important thing to do for this one is to define each petal.  Do that by making sure the edge of one petal isn’t the same color as the edge of the one next to it.  Generally speaking, the petal that is perceived as the bottom one, should be dark along the overlapping edge (like it’s in shadow), and the top petal should have a light overlapping edge.  This stitch takes a lot of practice, and even mine aren’t perfect.  I still think they look pretty though.

Red Flowers Embroidery Design

Isn’t it pretty?  Make sure to take a look at all of my free embroidery patterns and check out my how to embroider for beginners page to see lots of helpful embroidery tips.

Red Floral Embroidery Design

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Red Flowers Embroidery Design - Free Download!

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Sunday 20th of December 2020

This really is beautiful! It is a lovely piece of work, and it helped me realize how relaxing embroidery can be during these times! Thank you for sharing!

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