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Embroidered Initial Necklace Tutorial

My girls have been eyeing the necklaces that I’ve been selling in my shop, so I decided to make one for each of them.  I’ve wanted to try making an embroidered initial necklace, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Miss Leah got an L for her name, and Audrey got an A, of course.  I created a whole embroidery alphabet pattern that you can download for free.

Embroidered Initial Necklace Tutorial(This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.)

To make an embroidered initial necklace, you’ll need:

Embroidered Necklace Tutorial

I wanted to stitch more than just a letter on each necklace, so I also added a little flower.  Get your smallest embroidery needle out for this one because those lazy daisy stitch flowers are made with just one strand of embroidery floss.  I tried making them with two strands, but they were too bulky.

Necklace Embroidery Tutorial

I wrote up an entire tutorial and filmed a little video that will show you how to assemble the necklaces.  Find that on the post about my embroidery pendants and how to put embroidery in a necklace.  You might also find it helpful to watch my video on how to embroider letters by hand.  It explains, in detail, how to stem stitch letter like this.

Embroidered Initial Necklace Tutorial

Make sure to check out my other hand embroidery designs. I’ve got lots of free embroidery patterns!

Embroidered Initial Necklace Tutorial

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