Easy Craft Room Ideas

I was all excited to share my new craft room with you all until I googled “craft room ideas”.  What in the world?!  How do people afford to have these amazing craft rooms?  Well, I’m still going to show you mine because it makes me so happy to finally have this space.  And maybe this will give you some craft room ideas that a normal person can actually do!

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas

I got this awesome L-shaped desk off craigslist.  I believe it’s an Ikea galant desk that is not made anymore.  There’s the main “L” section of the desk and two extensions.  We also use the room as a homework area for the kids and office supplies, so having the desk in the corner like this saves a lot of space.   So, if you’re searching for a desk for your craft room, do yourself a favor and check Craigslist first.

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas - L Shaped Desk

Here’s the kid’s homework and craft area.  I love that they have a space to make a mess, and I don’t have to worry about it!  I used our old, small kitchen table and put a cube shelf on the back. It’s perfect!

I get to have my sewing machine, hot glue gun, and my Silhouette out all the time!  Dream come true!

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas

We set up these shelves on the wall, and they are the best!  Can I give you some advice about shelving?  Do not buy shelves from a place like Ikea or even shelving kits from the hardware store.  Instead, just go to the hardware store and buy brackets and laminate shelf boards separately.  It’s much much cheaper and the same amount of work.  You don’t even have to paint the boards because they come already painted.

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas - Shelving

I got a bunch of bins to organize everything and made some vinyl labels.  I wanted them to sort of look like chalkboard labels, so I layered white letters on top of a black label.  You can get the cut file for the labels here.

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas - Labels

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas - Labels

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas

My awesome hubby helped me build this peg board to put on the wall.  I didn’t realize that so much went in to hanging a peg board!  First of all, it doesn’t even come painted.  You have to prime and paint the thing.  Then, you have to build a frame behind it to create space between the board and the wall.  We did it though, and I love it!

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas - Pegboard

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I was pretty ridiculously excited to hang up all of my scissors and tools.  My mom bought all of the awesome fabric scissors for me for Christmas.  P.S. – According to my mom, don’t buy fabric scissors at the craft store.  Apparently they are much cheaper on Amazon.  I got all of the hooks and peg board baskets at the hardware store.

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas - Pegboard

I used three of the pegboard hooks to hang a dowel for my spools of ribbon.  Much better than having it all crammed in a drawer.

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas - Ribbon Storage

That’s pretty much it.  I’ve also got a couple of bins and rolling carts in the closet, but that doesn’t look very pretty.  Oh, and who decided that everyone needed some kind of “create” sign in their craft room?  I mean, I totally bought into it, but I wonder who the first person was that did it.  Hmmm…

Inexpensive Craft Room Ideas

Do you have a space for your crafts? I’ve still got some fabric and things that need organizing.  I’d love to know what craft room ideas you have used.

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4 Responses to Easy Craft Room Ideas

  1. I love your craft space and like you wonder how people afford some of the craft rooms seen on Pinterest. I sew in my attic it’s not the best but I feel lucky to have an area to sew in and can walk away from it without having to pack everything away.😀

    • Yes, I think that’s the best part, that I don’t have to put everything away! Before we moved, I used our dining table as my craft area, which could be seen from my front door. My house always looked like a mess. Haha! The attic sounds like the perfect place to keep everything.

  2. Great craft space there, this is something my father would appreciate as it is similar to his tool bench in his garage, great organisation..

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