Felt Bow Bookmarks

You guys, something exciting happened while I was traveling for SNAP conference!  I actually had time to read a book!  Ok, so maybe it’s not that exciting, but it’s been so long since I’ve had that kind of time.  I love to read!  I’m about halfway through my book, so I decided to make myself a cute felt bow bookmark.  By the way, I’m reading Divergent.  Have you read it yet?  It’s good, right?

Of course, then I had to make some in different colors.  I think they’d make really great teacher or Mother’s Day gifts.

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To make the bookmarks I used:

– felt (wool or a wool blend cuts best)
Evolution die cutting machine from We R Memory Keepers
– bow dies (I used the knotty die set from We R Memory Keepers)
– 1/4 inch elastic
– sewing machine
– needle and thread

Place a thin piece of cardboard on top of your platform.  This helps cut through thicker materials like felt.  Place the dies on top of the cardboard.

Put your felt on top of the dies.

Put your cutting mat on top of the stack and crank them through your die cutting machine a couple of times.

Perfectly cut and ready to assemble!

Cut a piece of elastic 17 inches long.  Overlap the ends about 3/4″ and sew it together.

Assemble your bow and sew it in the middle to keep everything in place. Drape the elastic over the back with the elastic seam in the middle of the bow.  Put the bow face down on your sewing machine with that little flap on the bow straight out so you don’t sew over it.  Sew the elastic to the bow.

You will have stitches going through the front, but now you just take that top flap and fold it over the bow to hide them.

Hand stitch the flap down over the elastic in the back.

And you’re done!  So easy!  And bonus… it could probably double as a hair bow. 🙂

I kinda wanna go read in a public place somewhere to show it off.  Too bad I didn’t get it done before I was traveling.

Read any good books lately?  I’d love some recommendations!

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16 Responses to Felt Bow Bookmarks

  1. They don’t call you Cutesy Crafts for nothin’! These are CA-UTE! And yes, they would be fantastic gifts…especially for teachers. Pinning this like it’s hot! (P.S. I need to read Divergent! I keep hearing nothing but good things.)

  2. These are adorable Jessica! I’d have to use them as hairbands though since I have a nasty habit of chewing on my bookmarks while I’m reading. 😛 Divergent was great, and so was Insurgent, but the third book, Allegiant, was a total let-down. I just finished the Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor, and if you like YA fantasy, it’s a must read. Everyone I know whos read it is begging her to write a spin-off because we love the characters so much!

  3. For YA fantasy, I don’t think you can beat Tamora Pierce. She is a fantastic author who makes really strong female characters set in a more medieval time, and while her earlier books are more simplistic and aimed for a younger audience, her later books are very good. She writes in two distinct universes, “Tortall” and “Emelan”; I personally think her Protector of the Small (First Test, Page, Squire, Lady Knight) and Trickster series (Trickster’s Choice and Trickster’s Queen), both from the Tortall universe are a great place for more mature readers to start with her books rather than the earlier, simpler books in that universe.

    Sorry, I can rant about her forever; I picked up my first Tamora Pierce book in 7th grade, and I’ve graduated college and still read them over and over! I have a collection of most of her books, which are among the few that I still read in print rather than on my tablet, so these bookmarks are perfect! I never really liked more traditional bookmarks that you just wedge in.

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