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Easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Making friendship bracelets is a right of passage for so many kids. But let’s face it – an arm full of friendship bracelets isn’t complete without a little variety! Cue this easy chevron friendship bracelet. This is the easiest method I’ve found to make friendship bracelets in a chevron pattern. In fact, you likely have everything you’ll need lying around the house already. It’s also super customizable since you can vary the colors and make it as wide as you’d like by adding extra strands. It takes a little practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be whipping up these cool friendship bracelets in no time! And if you’re just getting into making friendship bracelets, this easy braided friendship bracelets tutorial may be the perfect place to start.

Easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

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To make this chevron friendship bracelet, you’ll need:

  • embroidery floss – 4 colors (or more for a wider bracelet)
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • a pony bead or button (optional)

How to Make a Chevron Friendship Bracelet

Before you start, make sure you know how to make the 4 basic friendship bracelet knots. If you need a refresher, go to my post on how to make friendship bracelets.

1. To get started, cut a strand of embroidery floss in each color. For a bracelet that’s as wide as mine (an eight-strand bracelet), you’ll have four 60-inch strands total (that’s one in each color). As mentioned earlier, you can adjust the width of the bracelet by adding more strands, but the length of each strand will be longer the more you strands use. For a slightly thinner bracelet (a six-strand bracelet), use three 50-inch strands. For a wider bracelet (a 10-strand bracelet), use five 70-inch strands. Basically for each color you add to increase the width, you’ll add 10 inches to the length.

chevron friendship bracelet

2. Make a loop with your finger in the center of the strands and tie a knot. This loop is where you’ll fasten the bracelet when you’re done. Now tape the loop to a surface or clipboard and separate the strands so that the colors on the right and left mirror each other.

Easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

3. Start with the left-most strand (white) and tie a forward hitch. The easiest way to remember a forward hitch is that it resembles the number 4. Keep the second strand (yellow) pulled taut and straight while the first strand (white) is the “active strand.” When pulling the forward knot closed, slide it up the second strand. Repeat this step so that you have tied a forward knot before moving on to the next color. (Remember, a forward knot=2 forward hitches, and a backward knot=2 backward hitches.)

chevron friendship braceletOnce you’ve tied your forward knot using the first strand (white) and second strand (yellow), you’ll notice that the second strand is in the first strand’s position. The white strand will continue to take the place of each strand until it’s in the center.

4. Now move on to the third strand (red) and repeat the above steps, tying a forward knot with the white strand as the “active strand” and the red strand pulled straight.

Easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

5. Repeat again with the green strand and white strand just as you did with the yellow and red strands.

6. The white strand is now in the center and you’ll repeat the same process on the right side.

The process is the exact same for the right set of strands, but it mirrors the left side. So, rather than a series of forward knots, you’ll be tying backward knots instead, starting with the white strand on the far right. It can help to think of these knots as a backward number 4.

7. Tie a backward knot on each color strand until your righthand white strand is in the center with the other lefthand white strand.

8. Take the two white strands and form a backward knot. Your righthand white strand will be the “active strand” to form the backward 4, while your lefthand white strand will stay taut and straight.

9. Now repeat with yellow as the “active strand” and so on to continue forming colored “V” patterns.

10. Once your bracelet is the length you’d like it, tie a knot at the end of the strands. Here’s where you can string a pony bead or button onto the end and tie a double knot to keep it in place. Cut the remaining embroidery floss and thread the bead/button through the loop you made in the first step. If you skipped the optional bead/button, you can just thread the ends through the loop and tie on the bracelet.

Easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Still having trouble? I have a step-by-step video that shows you exactly how this is done. (You may need to turn off your ad blocker to see it.

These chevron friendship bracelets are such a fun way to pass the time, and they come out looking really awesome – especially when you add even more colors and strands! And if you’ve really got the friendship bracelet bug, you’ll want to check out these other 15+ friendship bracelets with string.

Easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

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