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Felt Penguin Christmas Ornament with Free Pattern

After making this adorable felt deer Christmas ornament, I knew she needed a couple of friends.  I thought a little penguin would be cute, so this felt penguin Christmas ornament was born.  She’s so cute with her little hat!  You can, of course, change things up and make a boy one instead.  I’d just ditch the lashes and make the hat a different color.  Make sure to also check out the other felt animal Christmas ornaments that I made for the tree this year.  I’ve got a little felt polar bear ornament too.

Felt Penguin Christmas Ornament with Free Pattern

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To make this felt penguin Christmas ornament, you’ll need:

  • free pattern (instructions to download at the bottom of this post)
  • felt: dark gray, black, white, orange, pink, and purple
  • embroidery floss or thread: black, orange, white, and purple
  • needle
  • pencil or fabric marker
  • fiberfill
  • scissors
  • ribbon or yarn for hanging
  • hot glue (optional)
Felt Penguin Ornament with Free Pattern

First cut all pattern pieces out of felt.

Felt Penguin Christmas Ornament with Free Pattern

Stitch a small white dot on the black circles for the eyes. Grab the white oval-shaped piece and sew on the eyes near the top side of it. Stitch the beak (small triangle) on below the eyes, on the oval-shaped pattern.

sew felt penguin

Take one of the gray body bases and place the stitched white piece in the middle of it. Whip stitch around the side of the white piece to join it with the body base. This is the front side of the penguin.

felt penguin pattern

Place the other body base on a flat surface and place the 2 foot pieces on the bottom of it.  Make sure to overlap the pieces slightly.

sewing on felt

Place the front part of the felt penguin on top of the plain one, keeping the feet patterns between them near the bottom side.  Whip stitch around the sides of the penguin.  Leave a small opening to stuff the penguin with fiberfill.

felt penguin stuffie pattern

Once you’re done stuffing, stitch the open end closed.  Tie a knot with the thread and push the needle randomly inside the penguin and back out. Cut off extra thread.

Felt Penguin Christmas Ornament with Free Pattern

Grab the cutouts for the hat pattern.

cutting felt

Whip stitch them together, keeping the bottom straight side of the hat open. I forgot to do it at this step, but now is when you will also want to add a loop of yarn or ribbon for hanging.  Just sandwich the ends of it in between the two head pieces and stitch through it.

Felt Penguin Christmas Ornament with Free Pattern

Insert the penguin’s head into the open side of the felt hat.  Stitch the felt hat onto the penguin from the back side.   That’s it!  She’s ready for the Christmas tree.

Felt Penguin Christmas Ornament with Free Pattern

Get the free felt penguin Christmas ornament pattern!

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Felt Penguin Christmas Ornament with Free Pattern

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Tuesday 16th of January 2024

One of my grandchildren loves penguins

Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts

Monday 5th of February 2024

Oh, perfect!


Wednesday 13th of December 2023

One of my grandchildren love penguins


Wednesday 14th of December 2022

I am trying to download the felt penquin ornament, but unable to add a password

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