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How to Make a Buttonhole Wheel

Learning how to make a buttonhole wheel is easy, especially if you already know how to do a blanket stitch.  It’s basically the same thing, you’re just doing it around a circle.  The buttonhole wheel stitch can add a lot of interest to your project and can even make neat flowers.

The buttonhole wheel stitch is worked around a circle with all of the lines going into a single spot in the middle.  The shorter your outside stitches, the smoother your circle will be, but then you’ll have more lines going into the middle.  To see how this stitch is done, check out my video tutorial below.

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Learn all of these other embroidery stitches by making this embroidery stitch sampler 2 with me. It’s a great way to practice and a nice reference to have while you are reading other embroidery patterns.

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To watch all of the videos in this series, including some basic embroidery tips, go to my YouTube channel here. I’ll walk you through the entire process and make it super easy for you.

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