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How to do a Bullion Knot

Learning how to do a bullion knot can be pretty tricky and takes lots of practice.  I’ve mostly seen it used to make pretty bullion knot roses. I haven’t tried making a bullion knot rose yet, but it’s definitely something that I will be doing in the future.  I also used it in my frog prince pattern to make cattails.

How to do a Bullion Knot

I’m still perfecting this stitch myself, but this video will get you through the basics.  Click the video player below or head over to my YouTube channel to watch how to do a bullion knot.

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Learn all of these other embroidery stitches by making this stitch guide sampler with me. It’s a great way to practice and a nice reference to have while you are reading other embroidery patterns.

embroidery stitches

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To watch all of the videos in this series, including some basic embroidery tips, go to my YouTube channel here. I’ll walk you through the entire process and make it super easy for you.

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