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Mermaid Party Ideas

Audrey turned eight last month and decided to have a mermaid party.  Evan didn’t want a themed party this year, but since his party was the same day, we decided to add a pirate theme into the party as well.  I had so much fun putting this party together, and I’ve got a lot of free printables and Silhouette cut files for you to use.  Hope you enjoy all of these mermaid party ideas.  Make sure you also check out these 40+ adorable mermaid crafts!

Mermaid Party Ideas

Mermaid Party Ideas

When our guests first arrived at the party, they were instructed to fill out a name tag with their mermaid or pirate name.  Get the free printables and more details here.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Name Game

After getting their name, the kids put on their mermaid crown or pirate hats.  Get the free printables or Silhouette cut files here.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Crowns and Hats

I had some leftover decorations from a nautical baby shower that I threw, so I used those to decorate the table.  It’s just a net with shells and glass balls on it.  You can get these things at the craft store.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Decorations

I used green streamers to create “seaweed” on the walls.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Seaweed Streamers

I saw this idea for an octopus out of a balloon and streamers.  Not sure where the original idea came from, but it was really easy to make.  Just pin a balloon to the ceiling and tape some paper eyes and streamer legs to it.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Balloon Octopus with Streamers

We went on a treasure hunt that the kids loved!  Go here to get the printable maps and instructions for this mermaid or pirate party game.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Treasure Hunt Game

I made lots of really fun pirate and mermaid cupcakes that you can read more about here.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Cupcakes

Each of the kids went home with a bucket filled with little trinkets.  Get these printable tags here.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Favors

That’s it.  Hope you like all of our mermaid party ideas!  The kids had a blast, and Audrey loved all of the little details.  For more kids party ideas, click here.

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