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Chalkboard Christmas Countdown

This post is sponsored by Consumer Crafts and Blueprint Social. The opinions are my own.

Okay, I think I’m obsessed with holiday countdowns.  Maybe it’s because they are pretty and functional at the same time, or maybe they just remind me of counting down to Christmas as a child.  Whatever the reason, I’m completely in love with this chalkboard Christmas countdown that I made.  December 1st can’t get here fast enough so I have an excuse to use it!  Oh, and don’t worry if you have bad handwriting like me, I’ve got a solution for that too.

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown Tutorial #ad #ShopConsumerCrafts

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To make your own Chalkboard Christmas Countdown, you’ll need:


First tape around the frame of the chalkboard to protect the surface from paint, and paint the frame.  I used a creamy white chalky finish paint and followed that with a clear wax.  You can use any kind or color of paint that you want.


Prime your chalkboard by rubbing the side of a white piece of chalk all over it.  Wipe off the chalk with a soft cloth.


My handwriting is horrible, so I typed up letters and numbers with some pretty fonts that you can get here.  To transfer them, I just used some dressmaker’s carbon paper that came with all of my sewing supplies.  You should be able to get it at a fabric store.  I used yellow because that is what I had, and it worked just fine since I was writing over the letters.  I suggest getting white in case you make a mistake though.  Just lay the carbon paper on the chalkboard with the yellow (or white) side down, put your paper on top, and trace the letters firmly with a pencil.

How to transfer font to a chalkboard. Easy! #ad #ShopConsumerCrafts

When all of your letters are traced, go over them with a chalk pen.  Chalk pens are sort of semi-permanent on a chalkboard.  They will smudge a little, but won’t erase completely.  That’s good because I love the way this looks, and I don’t want to do it all again.  Just be careful not to touch it until it dries.  If you want something even more permanent, you could also use an acrylic paint pen.

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown #ad #ShopConsumerCrafts

This turned out a million times better than it would have if I had done it by hand!

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown #ad #ShopConsumerCrafts

Now you can hang it up and cross off the days until Christmas comes.  Just make sure to use a regular piece of chalk for that so it will erase for next year.  I really like that this chalkboard has a shelf for the chalk.

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown #ad #ShopConsumerCrafts

Happy Christmas crafting!

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown Tutorial #ad #ShopConsumerCrafts

Be sure to check out ConsumerCrafts on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for more holiday crafting inspiration.

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Heather - dollarstorecrafts

Monday 30th of November 2015

This is so pretty -- what a great Christmas decoration to keep & use every year. Love it!

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