How to cut FELT with Your Silhouette

Yes, you read that right, you CAN cut felt with your Silhouette!  Before you get too excited, there are a few things I must tell you.  First, this method will mess up your mat a bit faster than “normal” cutting would; second, you have to iron fusible webbing onto the back that will not come off; and last, sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it does.  All of that being said, using my Cameo to cut felt saves me a TON of time so it’s all worth it!


I just joined a Silhouette-user Facebook group that Lauren from The Thinking Closet runs.  Email her if you want to join!  I was telling the girls about how to cut felt, and they convinced me to make a tutorial.  One of them commented that she couldn’t wait to see the video.  What?  I’ve never made a video… good idea!  I decided to make my first EVER YouTube video to show you everything you need to know (and probably more) about cutting felt with your Silhouette!  Check it out if you own or want to own a Silhouette or if you just want to find out what my voice sounds like. 🙂  Just please resist the urge to count how many times I say “um.”

Don’t want to watch the video?  Here’s the rundown since I forgot to take photos along the way:

-I have cut both acrylic (craft store) and wool blend felt on my Cameo.  Both worked, but the wool blend definitely had better results.  The acrylic looses detail around the edges where the wool blend doesn’t.  You can check out my post about different kinds of felt here.

-First thing you need to do is iron fusible interfacing onto the back of your felt.  I use Wonder Under (Pellon 805).  Peel the paper backing off and place with Wonder Under down on the mat.

-Set your fabric blade to 10, depth to 33, speed to 3, and check the double cut box.  Using such a high blade depth is what can jack up your mat, also I’ve noticed that sometimes the webbing leaves residue on the mat.

Hopefully that helps someone.  I actually bought the machine to cut things out of felt not knowing if it really would, and I am so glad that I did!  I can tell you that I have successfully cut a ton of felt with it without any problems.  Saves me so much time!  Check out my etsy shop to see what I did with the felt in the video.

Make sure to check out part two of this post where I show how different kinds of felt cut.
And go take a look at this post from my friend Kristy at Please Excuse My Craftermath where she tests out what the new Cricut Explore can cut.  I’m very interested in this machine!
Cricut Cutting


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52 Responses to How to cut FELT with Your Silhouette

  1. Holy awesomeness, Batman! This is even cooler than I imagined. Thank you so much for venturing into uncharted waters and making a video. As a visual person who loves seeing a project in action, this helped a TON. Off to tell my friend about it who asked if the Cameo could cut felt. Also, pinning this to share with my Silhouette board followers!

    The Thinking Closet

  2. Oh the things that I could do if I had a silhouette. I should be saying this to my husband! Thanks for stopping by and linking up to Fluster Buster’s Creative Muster Party! Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to link up next week.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  3. You’re awesome, Jessica!! I’m also a member of Lauren’s Silhouette Challenge but I actually found this tutorial through google. Thank you so much for this great tutorial!

  4. Great tutorial! I love making things with felt but cutting circles and alphabets drives me nuts. Even if I go though a lot more mats it will still be cheaper than investing in a bunch of dies for a manual machine.

    Best crafty wishes!
    Staying Crafty

  5. hello jessica, i saw your video tutorial and thats very interesting because i have a plan to buy silhouette machine to cut my felt. i just wanna ask do the pellon change felt to smooth texture, not stringy? and the parts that attach to the mat will be smooth? because we know that felt texture is stringy

  6. Thanks for the great video. You did a great job for your first time! I was bummed that my new Silhouette couldn’t cut felt, but now that I see that it can, I’m totally going to do it. Appliqueing felt is one of my favorite things and doing it by hand is so tedious. I need to get a fabric blade though, I don’t have one of those yet.

  7. Jessica, thank you so much for this tutorial! I am a more visual person as I was a little nervous about cutting felt. Do you recommend the 20% wool/80% rayon or the 35/65?

  8. Thanks for posting this. I have seen it mentioned several times to not cut felt as Silhouette people said it voids your warranty. No clue where. I really want to try this though as I want to use it to cut out felt clippie embroidery designs.
    Great video! Thank you!

  9. I have a question! Is the Wonder Under used just so you can easily applique the felt after you have cut it, or do you use it as a barrier to prevent the little fibers from the felt from sticking to the mat?
    I guess I’m just wondering how necessary it is to use it if I’m not going to be appliqueing the felt to anything.

    • It helps the felt stick to the mat so it doesn’t just bunch up when the blade hits it. I have never tried it without the Wonder Under on the back, so it might be worth trying. You can always wash your mat in soapy water to get the felt fibers off. I also had someone message me saying that ironing freezer paper onto the back of the felt worked. Then you can just peel it off after. It’s on my list of things to try. 🙂

  10. Great job with your video! I thought you were fabulous and I’m so thankful that you shared how to cut felt with a Cameo! I love felt and would love to give this a try! Thank you very much for sharing!!!

  11. Hi There, I love this Helpful Blog. Question I usually shop at my favorite Craft Store Hobby Lobby. I see that they have Wonder Under but several different kinds such as INT. Heavy Duty White Wonder Under, Medium etc. Which one is the one you use? You can check it out at the Hobby Lobby website also to steer me in the right direction. where would I find the wool blend felt? I have Joanne’s and Micheals in my are as well!


  12. Just so you know. There is no difference in the fabric and regular blade. Silhouette uses the blue casing is only used so that the user knows which one s/he has used on fabric. The blades themselves are no different.

  13. Great tutorial! Thank you so much! Have you tried cutting the rectangular felt you get from the craft store? If so, what were your results.

  14. I tried this with the settings you suggested, and the blade barely scratched the surface of the felt. I am so frustrated – I have so many great ideas and I just end up wrestling with the Silhouette every single time. What am I doing wrong? :((

    • I’ve found that the most important factor is the type of felt you are using. A wool/rayon blend is going to give you much better results than acrylic. I made a second post/video that explains. Also, make sure you are adjusting the blade itself by taking it out and turning it. They just came out with a deep cut blade that I am really excited to try, so that might be an option as well. Sorry you are frustrated. I am part of a Silhouette Facebook group that is full of knowledgeable and helpful Silhouette users. Let me know if you want to join it, and I’ll send you the information.

  15. Hey Jessica! I’m trying to cut felt to sew onto towels. In the past I used a material like the wonder under (can’t remember exactly what it was) on felt and tried to sew it to the towel after I had ironed the two materials together but it bound up my sewing machine. I’m wondering if the wonder under would bind my sewing machine like previous iron on mediums. I really want to cut my felt on the cameo but so far the freezer paper isn’t working out and I’m frustrated. Also I have the new cameo 3 with the auto blade. I’ve tried it with that and with my deep cut blade and it either bunches the felt or pulls away from the freezer paper. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • There are different kinds of Wonder Under and Heat N Bond. Some are not for sewing and will mess up your sewing machine. Since I created this post, I discovered that I prefer Heat N Bond Lite when sewing and Heat N Bond Ultra when not sewing. If the Heat N Bond Lite doesn’t work for you, I would still try the Wonder Under. It’s really really thin, so you shouldn’t have a problem with that. I found that when using the freezer paper method, you have to get the iron pretty hot to really get it to stick to the felt. Make sure you are using wool or wool blend (not acrylic) felt. Maybe do some experimenting by cutting right after ironing or waiting a bit until the felt has cooled. I’m not sure, but that might make a difference. I had varying results when using freezer paper. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

  16. I’m considering to buy the cameo and found your youtube video. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me which facebook group you’re in? I wanna join to get some inspiration for cameo projects. TIA 🙂

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