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Pony Bead Christmas Ornaments

Ok, so I know I’m probably overdoing this whole pony bead thing.  Don’t worry, this is the last one or I might have to start calling my blog “Pipe Cleaner and Pony Beads”.  My kids really liked the pumpkins and Indian corn that we made, and you all seemed to like them too.  So for our sixth day of this 12 Days Handmade Christmas Ornaments series, I give you pony bead Christmas ornaments! Also make sure to take a look at all of my other homemade Christmas ornament tutorials!

Same as with the pumpkins and corn.  You just need 4 pipe cleaners for each ornament.  I got sparkly silver ones this time and pony beads in red, green, and white.

My kids are little, so I did all of the pipe cleaner parts.  They love to just string the beads!  Take two of your pipe cleaners and make and “X”.  Twist them around each other in the middle.

Attach the two other pipe cleaners the same way.  Starting to look familiar?

Let the kids go crazy and string the beads however they want.  Evan was so happy that he could do a pattern this time!

Leave two inches at the end of each pipe cleaner.

Bring all of the ends together.


Twist them around each other.  Look!  Christmas corn!  Ok, I’ll stop.

Curl the end over to make a hook.

Now, just bend the pipe cleaners to make a ball shape, and they are ready to hang on the tree!

<<click here to go to day seven of this series>>

I don’t know about you, but the ornaments that the kids make are some of my favorites!  Hope you are enjoying this 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments series.  Make sure to enter the awesome giveaway here for your chance to win one of three great prizes!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.