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Monsters University Movie Night Treats

Our family loves Monster’s, Inc. and we have been waiting for  Monsters University to come out on DVD.  It’s finally out, so we picked it up for a fun movie night over the weekend.  I love a movie that the whole family can enjoy together, and this is definitely one of them!  A little humor for mom and dad, and a great message of teamwork for the kids.

We went to Walmart to pick up the Blu-Ray/DVD combo that also came with an Infinity toy.  I love getting extras!  They also had a great selection of Monster’s University toys to choose from, so we got a few of those.

We had to have treats for our movie night, so the kids helped me make these cute (and somewhat healthy) Mike Wazowski apple treats. To make them, you will need green apples, a melon baller, candy eyes, green candy melts, yellow candy melts, and pretzel or lollipop sticks.  My original idea was to make them mini caramel apples, but my caramel kept sliding off.  We just used the candy melts by themselves.  Still really yummy!

Use a melon baller to cut bite-size circles out of your apples.  They won’t be perfectly round.  We just used the flat part for the bottom, so they stood up better.

We were going to eat our treats right away, so we used pretzels for the stick.  If you were making them ahead of time, you would probably want to use lollipop sticks instead.  Just stick them in the top of each ball.  It helps to poke the hole with a toothpick first if you are using pretzels.

To get the right Mike Wazowski green, I melted yellow and green candy melts together.  I had dark green candy melts, so I used three yellow candy melts for every one green.  Melt the chocolate in small batches so the moisture from the apples doesn’t ruin your chocolate.  Stick a candy eye on each one before the chocolate hardens, and you have a little Mike Wazowski apple treat!

Enjoy your movie snack!  The kids loved the little candy eyes on them.

After we had our yummy snack, the kids got to play with all of their new Monster’s University toys.

They had so much fun acting out different scenes from the movie!

Then they watched the movie again the very next day!  Definitely a new favorite in our house!

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Brandie @ Home Cooking Memories

Tuesday 12th of November 2013

I never would have expected those to be made out of apples! In seeing the photos, I thought they were cake pops. Very, very cool! #client

Jessica Anderson

Wednesday 13th of November 2013

Thanks Brandie! They were so yummy!

Katie @ Made to be a Momma.

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

Soo fun! I love that you used apples to get it a bit healthier! :)

Jessica Anderson

Wednesday 6th of November 2013

Thanks, Katie! Yeah, they are totally healthy now! ;)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.