Pinwheel Hair Clip Tutorial

Somehow I found a little bit of time between crafting and planning the kid’s birthday party to show you how to make the pinwheel hair clip from Audrey’s Sail Away Outfit.  It really is a fun accessory!  You can combine different fabrics and buttons to make it match anything.  I’ve seen hand-stitched fabric pinwheels before, but I wanted to use my machine to make it faster. So, here we go with our machine-stitched fabric pinwheel tutorial!

I used three pinwheels for this hair clip.  You can do more or less depending on the look you are going for.  Start each pinwheel with a square.  I used a 3, 4, and 5 inch square for this hair clip.  And yes, I am too lazy to iron.

Fold your square in half, and then in half again the other way to make a smaller square.  Sorry, I’m not one of those bloggers that likes to paint my fingernails cute colors… I’m too busy crafting to paint my nails!  At least I photoshopped the puncture wound from a needle off of my finger.  I may or may not have bled on the white shirt that I made for Audrey…

Cut a rounded curve from one corner to the other so that it makes a circle when you unfold it.

Machine baste (long stitch) a 1/4″ seam around the outside of your circle.  Do not back stitch.

Take the inside thread and pull the end like you are making a ruffle.

Keep pulling until you have something that resembles a drawstring bag.

Push down in the center and adjust everything to make it pretty.

Machine stitch around the center to secure the ruffle.

Here are the three different sizes.  Just stack them on top of each other, put a button on top, and stitch through the pile.

Not too hard, right?

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  1. Great job! I don’t paint my finger nails and I rarely paint my toe nails. I just don’t have time for all that. Besides I’d just mess up my manicured finger nails working on one of my projects.

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