Christmas Countdown Calendar

I’m so excited that I got to put up my Halloween Countdown Calendar yesterday!  It’s making it feel a little more like fall.  Now if this 100 degree weather would just go away…  Anyway, it’s never too early to start Christmas crafting right?!  I decided to make a secular version of the Nativity Calendar that I did a couple years ago.  Here she is!

Like my other calendars, everything is sewn by hand or machine.  It measures 20″ x 30″ and has 24 pockets to put each object in.  Every day for the month of December, you take an object out, and add it to the scene.  The scene is completed by putting Santa in the air on Christmas Eve to signify that he’s on his way.

Among other things, on this calendar you get to build a snowman,

hang stockings on the fireplace,

 and put a star on top of the tree.

The Velcro is, of course, cut into little stars to make it oh so cutesy.

Each of my children has a stocking with their initial on it.  If you have more or less children, you can switch out stars or snowflakes with a stocking or two when you make it.

And of course my favorite parts are all of the little embroidered details!

You can get the PDF pattern on my Etsy shop by clicking here.

Hope you like it!

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