DIY Baby Sling

I won’t have much time for crafting since my little baby girl, Leah, finally decided to make an appearance last week, but I wanted to show off what I made for her.  I used a combination of the tutorial found here on Babymoon Boutique along with instructions found here on the Maya Wrap website to make my own ring sling for a total cost of about $20.00.  Sure beats the $75.00 that you would pay to buy a real one!  It was pretty easy to make, and it works great!  I am definitely going to need it since little missy weighed in at just over 11 lbs at birth!

I used a linen-like fabric since I liked it so much when I made aprons.  The rings that I used were 2″ welded steel rings from the hardware store.  Bigger rings would probably have made it easier to adjust, but 2″ was all they had.

Now if only I could convince my kids that the baby in the sling is indeed Leah and not a new baby in my tummy!  Ha ha!

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5 Responses to DIY Baby Sling

  1. Hi, I think you should just be extra cautious with the sling. They say that welded rings could break. Rings from are said to made for baby slings, their rings are not welded.

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