Hexagon Baby Quilt

What better reason to craft than for a baby shower?!  Here is my first attempt ever at making a baby quilt.
I was feeling very purple the day I picked out the fabric.  Hope the mother to be likes purple too.
 To make my hexagon baby quilt, I bought the following:
  • 1/3 yard or one quilting quarter of 7 different fabrics
  • batting (I bought a thin crib size batting and cut it down to size)
  • backing fabric (at least 1 yard, maybe more)
  • thread
I used the hexagon template here because I liked the size. You will want to cut out 9 hexagons of each of the 7 fabrics.  If you plan on using quilting quarters, make sure to cut them close together because that will be just enough fabric for 9 hexagons.
I followed the tutorial in this video to machine sew all of the hexagons together.  Sorry old lady at the fabric store, I decided not to paper piece my hexagons (whatever that is).
After sewing all of the hexagons together, I trimmed the sides, layered it with the batting and backing, and used my machine to “quilt” around the hexagons where I have drawn the red lines in the image below.
I forgot to measure the finished quilt, but I think it ended up being about 32″ x 36″ or something like that.  You could either buy some quilt binding or just do what I did and cut the backing bigger so that it could be folded over the top.
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4 Responses to Hexagon Baby Quilt

  1. I love it. I wish i knew how to sew. I do not even own a machine, but I would love this for a big bed too. Haha….Just Beautiful!

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