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Evan’s Room Makeover

I have been so anxious to post this little project, and it’s finally done (or at least I’m just pretending I don’t still have some touch up left to do).  We just bought our first house a few months ago, so I have been busy painting the white walls just because I can.  I wanted something really fun for Evan’s room.  He’s really into cars and any kind of transportation.  Little by little I have been inspired by the things we have gotten for his room.

Inspiration #1: Evan’s Ikea bedding

Inspiration #2: This car play rug that I bought here on Amazon a couple years ago.  Evan LOVES to drive his millions of cars on it!

Inspiration #3: These wooden vehicles that my mom bought at the craft store to cover up some blemishes on his dresser.

So, I color matched the green and blue from his bedding, took the idea of the road from his carpet, and bought some more wooden cars to drive on the road.  And ta da!
And the now for the best part… remember I was telling you that I was working on a project with magnetic paint?  The whole road is painted with it, and each of the cars has magnets on the back so Evan can move them around the room!  Awesome right?
The next part of this makeover is going to be somehow making street signs to hang on the walls.  I looked into buying real ones, but they are way out of my price range, especially the rest area sign that I want for above his bed.  Won’t that be cute?!

Check back in the next few days, and I will be posting step by step pictures on what I did to create Evan’s transportation themed room. edit: Click here to see the tutorial.

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