Halloween Craft for Kids – Paper Plate Witch Hat

I love children’s songs.  I always have.  As a little girl, I used to play “school” with my brother and sister, and I would make up my own to teach them.  A couple years ago, my friend taught me a Halloween song called “I’m a Mean Old Witch with a Hat.”  I taught it to my kids, and they love singing it this time of year.  I wanted to come up with a Halloween craft for kids to go with the song, so we made these cute paper plate witch hats.  And… I’m going to try not to embarrass myself too much, but I made a little YouTube video to teach you all the song.  Be excited!

Halloween Craft for Kids - Paper Plate Witch Hats

First things first.  Here’s the video!  If you know me in real life, you aren’t allowed to watch, ok?  Just don’t.  It will make seeing each other later a lot less awkward, mkay?  Everyone else, proceed.


To make a witch hat, you will need:

  • a paper plate
  • a party hat (or some paper and elastic string)
  • tape
  • black paint
  • decorations: stickers, glitter glue, etc.


Take the hat apart and turn it inside out.  This makes it easier to paint.  Tape the seam on the inside and at the very bottom.  You can also just make a cone with a piece of paper and attach some elastic string.  A cereal box would work well for this too.


Place the hat on the middle of the plate and trace around it.


Draw another circle about 1/2-inch around the inside of the original circle.  It doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s just a kid craft!  Poke a hole in the middle of the plate to help get your scissors in there.


Cut out the middle circle.


Cut about 3/4-inch slits all around the bottom of the hat.  Make sure you don’t cut through your tape, and don’t cut higher that the part where the elastic string is coming out.


Bend back all of the flaps that you just created, like so.

Halloween Craft for Kids - Paper Plate Witch Hats

Put the party hat up through the hole in your plate.  (Cut off a little more of the plate if necessary.)  Make sure the elastic string from the hat is straitened out and hanging down.  Tape all of the flaps to the plate.


And there you go!  A witches hat!

Halloween Craft for Kids - Paper Plate Witch Hats

Now you just need to add some black paint (or dark blue mixed with brown if you are in a pinch).  Let it dry and decorate.  Let the kids go wild!  Stickers, glitter glue, feathers, googly eyes, you name it!  My kids had such a fun time with this craft.

Halloween Craft for Kids - Paper Plate Witch Hats

“I’m a mean old witch with a HAT!”  Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween Craft for Kids - Paper Plate Witch Hats

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