White Clad End Table Makeover

We all know someone with one of those White Clad end table thingys, right?  No?  Just me?  Anyway, I guess White Clad used to make iceboxes and then it was all the rage to make reproductions to use as furniture.  I see them in people’s houses a lot.  My grandparents had like three in their garage.  This one is from some time in the 80s (the 1980s that is), so I didn’t feel bad about giving it a new coat of paint to make it pretty.

White Clad end table painted gray.

Here’s a nice “before” and “after” for ya.  Lovely orangey oak finish, shiny brass hardware, and coffee rings on the top.  Yep… didn’t feel bad at all about painting it.

White Clad end table before and after paint.

Seriously, the brassy finish was making my eyes hurt.

White Clad hardware

Much better!  I used the leftover Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint from the buffet that I painted a few weeks ago.  This little cabinet only took half a container.

White Clad hardware painted white

To minimize brush strokes, I found it helpful to dip my paint brush in a little bit of water.  I had to do more coats that way, but the result was a very smooth finish.  And, of course, I distressed it a little on the edges and then waxed it.

White Clad hinges, painted and distressed

I didn’t feel like painting the cheap “wood” that was on the inside, so, just like the buffet, I lined parts of it with pretty contact paper.

White Clad cabinet lined with shelf liner

White Clad end table painted gray

I just love that a little bit of paint can turn something unwanted into something beautiful!

White Clad end table before and after
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11 Responses to White Clad End Table Makeover

  1. Girl, you are becoming a furniture refinishing QUEEN! This is simply gorgeous and EXACTLY the color palette I’m going to be using on my roll-top desk so I’m mega-inspired. I love how the new paint really accentuates the beauty of the design and the hardware. Such an improvement! LOVE.

  2. I love the paint make-over, and the super simple interior pick-me-up with the contact paper. I’ve got to admit though – I probably would have kept the brass. But then, I’ve got a thing for shinies. 😀

    • I’m so happy I came across this cute side table you redid. I have the same table, I picked it up for only $5 and did not know what to do with it. Thank for the inspiration. I’m going to go paint it now. Linda

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