Halloween Hair Clips and Other News

I decided today (actually about 30 minutes ago) that my girls needed some Halloween clippies.  Claudia from Crafty on Etsy sent me some samples of her beautiful wool felt!  She sent me some larger samples of the orange, sunglown, and charcoal colors.  The pieces were just screaming to have something Halloweenish (that’s a real word right?) made out of them!

Seriously this stuff is really nice and so many different colors!!  She’s not even paying me to say any of this! 🙂

In other news, I have just become an affiliate of Lifestyle Crafts.  They sell the cutest cutting dies and die cutting supplies!  Not only do they cut paper, but they cut FELT too!  Perfect for the scrapbooker, card maker, or felt crafter like me!  Use the promotion code CUTESYCRAFTS to get 20% off anything on their site!!!

promo code: CUTESYCRAFTS
A die cutting machine has been #1 on my Christmas list since I had to cut out all of these numbers for one of my countdown calendars.  If you are a facebook fan, you had the pleasure of seeing me complain about this.  Haha!  Having a number cutting die would have been so much easier!
Anyway, check out their awesome products and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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