Tooth Fairy Time!

I knew as soon as we had a loose tooth in the house that I needed to get started making something to put the little tooth in.  I vaguely remember that as a child my money would often slide off behind the bed in the middle of the night.  Of course I waited until the night it fell out and whipped up this little tooth fairy bag from a tutorial on the Purl bee.  There is a little pocket for the tooth, and another for the money.

Here is the one I made.  It was super easy to do.

Now I am not usually one to get emotional about these kinds of things, but I may have shed a couple tears when I made the exchange.  Seems like just yesterday that this same little tooth first grew in! 🙁

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One Response to Tooth Fairy Time!

  1. Love this! More cute that you personalized it too! Did you go ahead and sew some for the girls? SO hard not to get sentimental about the little things… They are growing fast!

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