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Haven’t been blogging much lately, but I really haven’t been crafting much lately either.  Been too busy this summer helping turn this…

into this…

and growing this…

I did, however, have time to make Audrey a Halloween costume.  It’s my first time ever sewing using a real pattern without the full guidance of my mom.  Learned few things: 1) I hate fabric that frays, 2) I hate installing zippers, 3) I hate gathering, and 4) it probably would have cost the same to just go buy a princess dress at the store.

But seriously, why is it so expensive to make something yourself?  You’d think it would be the cheaper route to go.  I had tons of 40% off coupons and chose the cheapest fabric and everything!  Oh well.  I used Butterick pattern B4320 found here.  Not too bad for a beginner right?
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3 Responses to Latest Projects

  1. Agreed. Why is it so costly even with coupons? I think that’s why peeps are recylcing old clothes and prom dresses.

    But love the pink dress! And your yard looks wonderful! (And so do you!) You are so inspiring!

  2. I love this but I’m fortunate enough to live near a swamp meet where the satin, or tafetta is 2 bucks a yard. The zippers are 10 for a $1, and they also had a sweet deal on trimmings too It is a total steal, so I’d made my daughter her dress under $7 bucks, as I added extra sewing thread, I only go to Joanns when patterns are on sale on they have an amazing deal, I can’t imagine paying more than $4 for a yard of fabric but that’s just me.

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